Nationwide Survey 2019



About FIMM’s Nationwide Survey

The Federation of Investment Managers Malaysia (FIMM), in collaboration with Universiti Putra Malaysia, are conducting a Nationwide Survey on Unit Trust Schemes (UTS) and Private Retirement Schemes (PRS) (“Survey”). The Survey is one of the industry initiatives under our 5-Year Strategic Blueprint.

The Survey, entitled, “The Malaysian Savings and Investment Behaviour: Current and Future Trends,” aims to better understand the behaviours of investors and non-investors. This will enable us, our members, and distributors to improve our understanding of the investing public so that we can provide better services. The Survey will also enable us to improve our efforts in developing the UTS and PRS industry so that the industry can do more for the general public.

Survey Methodology

There are two methods for you to participate in our Survey:

a)   Face-to-face; and

b)   Online – please refer to Frequently-Asked Questions (no. 7)

Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQs)

1.    What is the objective of the Survey?

The objective of the Survey is to seek feedback from both investors and non-investors as follows:

a)    For investors: the investment experience;

b)    For non-investors:  reasons for not investing; and

c)    To know the preferences and/or differences in savings and investment behaviour of Malaysians by demographics.

2.    Who are the parties conducting the Survey?

The Survey is conducted by FIMM and Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM).

3.    Who are the target audience of the Survey?

a)    Investors: persons who invest in UTS (including Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad funds) and PRS; and

b)    Non-investors: persons who invest in other types of investment (e.g stock, REIT) or do not have any investment.

4.    What is the focus of the Survey?

The Survey will focus on the following areas:

a)    General perception on UTS and PRS;

b)    Current asset allocation and investment exposure;

c)    Thoughts and expectations about financial future/retirement; and

d)    Role of technology in savings and investing.

5.    What does the Survey aim to achieve?

The Survey aims to achieve the following deliverables/outcomes:

a)    Identifies areas that enable industry growth/enhance participation of Malaysians in UTS and PRS by enhancing/developing products and services;

b)    Enables FIMM and industry to tailor-make programmes to increase awareness on UTS and PRS among investing public; and

c)    Supplements FIMM and industry’s efforts in addressing topics of importance on investor protection.

6.    What are the methods of participation offered by the Survey?

The Survey offers two methods of participation: face-to-face or online. Further details are illustrated in the following sections.



7.    Direct Participation:

a) Non-investors: If you are non-investors and would like to take part in the Survey,

kindly click the following link.

Non Investor’s Questionnaire

b) Investors: If you are currently investing in UTS and/or PRS, and would like to take

part in the Survey, kindly click the following link.

Investor’s Questionnaire

8.    Via invitation from FIMM and FIMM Members/Distributors

 In addition to the above, you may receive invitation from FIMM and the following FIMM Members/Distributors (together with the survey link) to participate in the Survey:

a) FIMM Members; and

b) FIMM Distributors

9.    Do I need to give any personal particulars to participate in the Survey?

Please do not provide any personal particulars (e.g. name, IC number, contact number, etc.) as such information are not required for the Survey.

10.  How long will the Survey be conducted?

The Survey will run from 1 August 2019 to 31 August 2019.

11.  Whom can I contact if I have other inquiries pertaining to the Survey?

 You can contact the Research and Analytics Department of FIMM at 03-2093 2600; or UPM at 03-9769 7054.