FIMMAC 2019 Cover

At the FIMM Annual Convention 2019, we discussed about ‘Sustainability in a Digital Future.’

The future is DIGITAL. Some of it has arrived and many more new technologies are on their way. Day after day, more and more digital tools and solutions are being developed and offered for everyone to use.

The unit trust and private retirement scheme industry is no different. The disruption is impacting the industry in many ways.

It is time for the industry to leverage on this by embracing the change towards digitalization, but by doing so sustainability. Sustainability can happen when the technology you embrace will continuously give you added value, and at the same time, ensuring security in your future.

Emcee's Opening Remarks

Welcome Note by FIMM's Chairman, En. Mohd Ridzal bin Mohd Sheriff

Keynote Address by En. Kamarudin Hashim, Executive Director, Market & Corporate Supervision from the Securities Commission

Sharing of Industry Statistics by FIMM's Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Kaleon Leong bin Rahan

Session 1: Fintech's Revolution in Wealth & Asset Management

Session 2: Adopting a Bionic Approach

Session 3: Bridging the Investment Gap and How to Encourage Gen-Y & Millennials to Start Saving for Retirement

Session 4: Conducts on Social Media

Session 5: Transformation of the Modern Sales Pitch

Session 6: Opportunities for Islamic Wealth Management / Islamic Unit Trust Funds in Malaysia