Is My Consultant Authorised?

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This online verification is intended to facilitate members of the public to ascertain whether individuals they are dealing with, for purposes of investment or contribution into unit trust schemes or private retirement schemes, are registered with FIMM as Consultants. Only individuals registered with FIMM as Consultants are authorised to promote, market and distribute unit trust schemes and private retirement schemes. Members of the public are advised to report to FIMM at 03-2092 3800, or the Securities Commission Malaysia, if they encounter unauthorised individuals promoting, marketing and distributing unit trust schemes or private retirement schemes.

How to Use This Tool

Just key in the Consultant’s FIMM No. or Full Name or IC No (eg.: xxxx-xx-xxxx) and click “Search” to verify.
  • eg.: xxxx-xx-xxxx

Should you have any difficulties in ascertaining the authorisation of a consultant on our website, please contact the Business Registration Department of FIMM at 03-2093 2600 (during office hours) for assistance.

List of PRS Consultants (as at 16 January 2018)
List of Unit Trust Consultants (as at 16 January 2018)