FAQs (For Consultants)

Criteria to Become a Unit Trust Consultant/Private Retirement Scheme Consultant

Yes, you can register as a Unit Trust Consultant (UTS Consultant) or as a Private Retirement Scheme Consultant (PRS Consultant). The minimum requirement is three (3) credits in SPM or equivalent.

No. You can register as a UTS/PRS Consultant once you have been released from your bankruptcy status.

Computerised Unit Trust Examination (CUTE) & Computerised Private Retirement Scheme Examination (CPRE)

In order to take the CUTE/CPRE Examinations, you must be registered with a Distributor.

You will know whether you have passed or failed the examination immediately after the end of the exam session. For your records, we recommend that you request for a printout of your result from the examination centre.

No. Once your examination session/date is confirmed, no changes can be made. The examination fee will NOT be refunded. If you missed your examination session and wish to sit for the next session, you will have to register for the next examination session and pay the required fee.

You can check with your Distributor on the details of your exam session.

There are three options: Bahasa Malaysia, English, and Chinese.

Once you have passed the CUTE/CPRE examination, you may check with your Distributor on the status of your FIMM authorisation card.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

FIMM CPD Tracker System is an online system which facilitates the registration and approval of FIMM CPD programs. It also allows FIMM members and distributors to upload/update CPD Points collected by Consultants.

Yes, the CPE points awarded by the Securities Industry Development Corporation (SIDC) can be converted into CPD points. The conversion rate is as follows:

  • 5 CPE points = 4 CPD points
  • 10 CPE points = 8 CPD points

You will need to notify the training provider of any missing training information in the CPD Tracker System. Should the issue persist, you may lodge a report to FIMM CPD Secretariat at cpdsecretariat@fimm.com.my.

Yes, but only if you are a NEW Consultant. If you are changing from one Distributor to another, your CPD points requirement will not be pro-rated.

 Your CPD points will be calculated on a pro-rata basis as follows:

[Number of month(s) joined / 12 months] x 16 CPD points

Yes, but only if the training provider is a FIMM approved CPD Training Provider.

General Registration Matters

You will need to follow up with your Distributor to ensure that your resignation status is updated accordingly.

You should choose a Distributor whose UTS/PRS products you want to distribute. Approach your chosen Distributor and they will help you with the re-registration process.

Yes, your registration can be transferred to another Distributor. To do so, you will need to resign from your current Distributor and then re-register with a new Distributor.

There may be some pre-requisite CPD requirement when transferring to another Distributor. Please refer to the table below:



From Resignation Date

Pre-requisite CPD Requirement


Within the calendar year.



Cross calendar year but within three (3) years validity:

–       CPD requirement is fulfilled in the previous calendar year.




Cross calendar year but within three (3) years validity:

–       CPD requirement is not fulfilled in the previous calendar year

Must acquire 16 CPD points or retake and pass CUTE/CPRE Examination


Beyond three (3) years

Must retake and pass CUTE/CPRE Examination


No, the SD Form submitted to FIMM must not be more than 12 months from the date of attestation by the Commissioner for Oaths. SD Forms are only required to be submitted once every two years upon renewal of registration.

You can update your address and change any of your personal details through your Distributor.