Fund Volatility Rating Survey 2024

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In an effort to continuously improve the investment sales process, FIMM is conducting a survey to request your valuable insights and perceptions towards Fund Volatility Ratings.

Additionally, in appreciation of your completed response, all participants in the survey also stand a chance to receive RM10 worth of *food/shopping voucher or gift card.

Survey Closure Date: 29 March 2024

*Food/Shopping voucher or gift cards are limited and will be given on first come first served basis.


Fund volatility refers to the measure of how much a fund’s value or returns fluctuate over a given period. It helps investors understand the potential ups and downs they may experience when investing in a particular fund.

The above is an example of a Fund Volatility Ratings that would be visible on the upper right-hand side of the Fund Fact Sheet.

Volatility is usually calculated based on historical data and is represented as a number or rating. A higher volatility indicates that the fund’s returns have experienced larger swings, both positive and negative, while lower volatility suggests a steady pace of value changes that may translate to stable returns.

Investors can utilise fund volatility rating when making investment decisions as it can provide insights into the potential risks and rewards associated with a fund. A highly volatile fund may offer the possibility of higher returns but also carries a greater risk of losses. On the other hand, a less volatile fund may provide more stability but with potentially lower returns.

The key to understanding the fund volatility ratings by investors is crucial so that they are able to assess their risk tolerance and choose investments that align with their financial goals and comfort level. It is important to note that fund volatility rating is just one factor to consider alongside other investment considerations, such as investment objectives, time horizon, diversification etc.

About this Survey

Given the above, it is very important for the industry to receive your feedback to gain a comprehensive understanding of the various experiences and perspectives regarding Fund Volatility Ratings.

Your feedback would contribute to:

  1. Assessing the value of Fund Volatility Ratings contribution towards Fund selection.
  2. Evaluating the usefulness of Fund Volatility Ratings in comparing different investment funds and asset underlying.
  3. Identifying any difficulties or challenges faced in the understanding of Fund Volatility Ratings.
  4. Exploring preferences and suggestions for improving the presentation and communication of fund volatility information.

As FIMM is requesting feedback from both Investors and Consultants, we would kindly request your participation in the below. The questionnaires have been segregated specifically for Investor and Consultant as some questions are more specific towards the differing needs.

Survey Closure Date: 29 March 2024

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